Homemade Chessboard

I was not sure if this was going to work..

Some day a friend of mine comes with an idea of making his own chessboard. In the same moment I knew I had to make my own too.

The approch

I don’t have the right tools to work with wood yet. That way, cutting the wood into little squares by hand would probably lead to a poor job. So, I got the idea to use an MDF board of the right size and use table edge tape cut into squares to make chess positions.

  • No wood cutting necessary

List of Materials

Material Quantity Price
MDF Plate 32 cm x 32 cm R$5
Table Edge - color 1 120 cm x 35 mm R$6
Table Edge - color 2 120 cm x 35 mm R$6
Table Edge - edges 132 cm x 22 mm R$6,5
Table Edge - sides 132 cm x 22 mm R$6,5
Contact Glue 200g R$10
TOTAL   R$40 (~ $10)

Making Off

32cm x 32 cm MDF plate

draft for bonding

plate after contact glue

pasting squares

done with the squares

now the sides

and the edges

time to remove the left overs

the final result

Thanks to Rafael Medeiros for the idea and help.

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