Rafael Carreira (Teffa)

I have a degree in computer science at UNESP / IBILCE and I have specifics with security in computer networks and infrastructure. In addition to technology, I really enjoy DIY stuff, cooking crafts, hiking and camping.


I’m a DevOps Engineer at Limehome, We aim to be the largest European digital hospitality brand that provides the quality and consistency of a casual premium hotel room experience while retaining a fully digital customer.


2021-2023 Global Savings Group. DevOps Engineer.

2020-2021 Philips. System Analyst and Software DevOps Engineer.

2018-2020 GMG Internet Services. Sysadmin/DevOps Engineer with GIS enfasis.

2017-2018 Macromind. Sysadmin with web hosting and email enfasis.


2014-2017 ACME CyberSecurity Research. Computer and Network security reseach group at UNESP/IBILCE.

2014-2017 Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP Baichalor degree in computer science.

2012-2013 ETEC Philadelpho Golvea Neto. Technical computer course.

Technical Skills

  • Bash/Python scripting
  • Zabbix, Graylog and Grafana for monitoring
  • Docker and Swarm
  • Jenkins, Git, Ansible and CloudFormation (CI/CD pipelines)
  • QGIS, Mapserver and PostgreSQL (Postgis)
  • Proxmox and KVM for on-premisse and AWS for cloud services
  • Network tools (nmap, tcpdump, netcat, etc..)
  • GIS tools (ogr/gdal, cdo, etc.. )

Areas of Expertise

  • Unix/Windows Server and network security
  • Server, Network and log monitoring
  • CI/CD Pipelines and Automation
  • Containers and Virtualization
  • Deployment, migration and backup routines
  • Webhosting/Email technologies
  • GIS and Climate data

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