Retro 2020

In this crazy year, I had the most diverse experiences, in search of them that I feel that I am following the right path

On the first day of the year, I knew something was going to happen. Some good things, a loot of bad ones, but was the people who crossed my path that made 2020 probably the best year of my life, and the first year of a long jorney to come

Zeus - SJRP

Zeus is a famous place in SJRP to make trails or in this case just grab some snack and watch an amazing sunset.

We went there with some friends and had a good talk watching a nice sunset. In this day we had popcorn, fresh made coffee and a good earl gray tea with milk and honey.

Ow Café - SJRP

Ow Café is a nice place in Rio Preto to have a breakfast with some friends and drink a good coffee

Dani saw some photos of a friend in Ow Café and we decided to know this place. We went there for breakfest, hoping to drink a good coffee, in diferent methods.


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