Ricoh KR-10 Super - black and white pictures

Ricoh KR-10 Super - black and white pictures

I bought a very nice Ricoh KR-10 Super camera for a symbolic price.

I found the deal in an APP called Nebenan which by the way has a very nice objective to give a new purpose to those things in your home that your are no longer using.

On the pickup date I had almost a workshop on how to operate the camera. It was very nice to see that the other person was really interested in passing it forward so other people can still make good use of it, and not use it as a decoration item.

The film roll used was a Kodak 400 TMAX which was expired since 2009, so almost 15 years

The film was developed in DM’s service called fotoparadies. It took around 15 days and costed around 10 euros

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