Monitor Twilio balance using Zabbix

How to monitor twilio balance using Zabbix

There is a lot o projects and guides on how to configure Zabbix to send alerts using Twilio. But I haven’t found how to monitor the Twilio balance using Zabbix.

This approach uses a Zabbix template with only http items, so all requests will be made by the zabbix server.

Link to the github project:


  • Log in to the Zabbix Server Dashboard (no cli stuff needed)
  • Import template_twilio.xml template
  • Create a new host for each twilio account you want to monitor

These hosts don’t need a zabbix-agent, all requests will be made by the zabbix server (you can use for them)

  • Grab your SID and Auth Token for each Twilio account

  • For each created host (twilio account) create the following Macros:
    • {$AUTH_TOKEN} -> your_twilio_account_auth_token
    • {$SID} -> your_twilio_account_sid

  • Add the imported template to your new hosts


The only item is your twilio current balance value. But let me know if you would like to monitor other things in your twilio account, since it would be pretty easy to add to this template.

I used this documentation to make this template:


There is a trigger for when the balance is below 5 dolars.

This value can be changed globaly in the template’s macro configuration.

But you can also change this for each account, in hosts Macros -> Inherited and host macros

Now you can use Twilio to send alerts about your Twilio balance

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