Satellite's DVB receiver monitoring with Zabbix

How to monitor DVB receiver stats using Zabbix

Once you have a setup up and running, it is very important to monitor DVB receiver statistics. You can receive alerts for triggers via Email, if configured in Zabbix.

Link to the github project:


  • Make sure you have cmcs client installed and available in PATH (
  • Copy/link to /usr/local/bin/cmcstats
  • Fill IP and PW info in /usr/local/bin/cmcstats
  • Copy cmcstats.conf to /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf.d/
  • Restart zabbix-client service

  • You can test the script before adding the template to your host
   cmcstats SIGS   #to print Signal Strength
   cmcstats SIGL   #to print Signal Lock Status
   cmcstats        #to print all information

On Zabbix server

  • Import zbx_cmcs_template.xml in Zabbix server and add it to your host

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