2022-03-24 - Münchner Jakobsweb Part 1 (Munich -> Lechbruck)

The Münchner Jakobsweg” is a route that starts in Munich and leads through the Allgäu to Lake Constance. The whole way would take at least 10 days, and since I only took 3 days off, I decided to do half of the way.

You can find the all steps here, and other useful information as well.

Munich -> Schäftlarn (26km)

This is the starting point, Munich - St. Jakob am Anger

You can get the pilgrim credential with an appointment here

Most of the way on the first day is along the river Isar, which runs through Munich.

First pause of the day.

This is the destination of the first day, Kloster Schäftlarn

Having some nice ribs for dinner in Klosterbräu Stüberl.

This place also offers accommodation, and that’s where I stayed this day.

Schäftlarn -> Andechs (29km)

The weather was super nice

Passing through Starnbern, with a nice view to Starnberger See

A quick break in Maisinger Seehof

Destination for today, Kloster Andechs

Having a late lunch with Petra, a very friendly pilgrim I met on the way :)

This was my first time trying an andechser apfelweisse, which I really enjoyed.

Since the Kloster Andechs was closed for pilgrims, I stayed in Pension Stiefelwirt - Frieding (there is a bus every hour from the Kloster Andechs)

Andechs -> Wessobrunn (26km)

Starting my third day of hiking.

At this point I could see a huge group from the https://mammutmarsch.de/. And I was thinking that I had already walked a lot :)

Lunch break in Gasthof Drexl - Raisting

Maybe one day from Munich…

Destination of the day, Kloster Wessobrunn

Dinner at Gasthof zur Post

Wessobrunn -> Rottenbuch (29km)

Very cozy breakfest room in Walserherberge, the place I stayed.

Fourth day of hiking, through very nice places

Holzkuh :)

Wooden St. Jakob

Short break in Bayerischer Rigi with a nice view

Next to the Ammer river

Ammertal nature preserved area

View to the Mariä Geburt church

This day I stayed at Gänse-Blümchen - Rottenbuch

Rottenbuch -> Lechbruck (29km)

Starting the fifth day of hiking and I’ve already made a new friend

Nice wooden path right after the Wies kirche

This was the final destination, in Lechbuck.

It was a wonderfull weedend with nice weather and landscapes, already looking forward to the second part, from Lechbruck to Lindau

Thanks to everyone I met on the way, and at the guesthouses, who were so friendly and welcoming (especially with me, who don’t speak much German)

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