2023-04-07 - Schweizer Jakobsweb Part 1 (Rorschach -> Rapperswil)

This is the Swiss part of the Jakobsweb starting in Rorschach, also called “Rorschacher Ast”.

You can find the all steps here, and other useful information as well.

Munich -> Rorschach (train + boat)

We took a train from Munich to Lindau, and then a boat from Lindau to Rorschach. You can check the Timetable for this boat trip in this website.

This was the starting point for us, Rorschach Hafen

Then we were ready to start the hike

Rorschach -> St. Gallen (18.5km)

We opt for a shorter hike in the first day since it is a long way to get into the start point. We started our hike around 1pm.

The weather was cloudy and a bit cold but still very nice for hiking

One of many selfservice shops that we found on the way

Feeling a bit closer to home

Arriving in St. Gallen.

Destination for today, Pilgerherberge Sankt Gallen.

We were received with warm tea and after a nice talk we went out to buy something for dinner. Even though it was a holiday, we could find some open stores to buy the easiest food to prepare: pasta

We had a nice kitchen available for us to prepare dinner and breakfast.

And this was our room for the night

St. Gallen -> St. Peterzell (27.8km)

After a quick breakfast we started our second day of the hike

It was a rainy day since the start, but still confortable.

Our first stop of the day. Later we got to know that everyone that stayed in the same accomodation in the day before actually stopped in this place too.

Here we could meet Fritz and Selena again. We stayed in the same accomodation in the day before, but this time we could spend some time together and talk more. They are doing the full way from Munich until Santiago de Compostela, around 4 months hiking. The were super nice and it was a pleasure to hear their story.

The weather was still very unstable, raining and stopping from time to time

We were stopping from time to time to enjoy the small moments

After 2 hours of heavy rain, we reached our destination, Casa Claudia St. Peterzell.

We stopped for a while and after a nice talk with our hosts we went to a local restaurant nearby.

Back to our accomodation. The place was absolutely beatiful and well decorated.

This was our room for the night

St. Peterzell -> St. Gallenkappel (25km)

It was Easter and we had a very special breakfast

We took a picture with Claudia and started the hike

Of course we would make friends on the way

Short break in IBurg

I hope apple don’t take over this place :)

Destination for today, Tschümperlin family.

This was an amazing and unique experience of sleeping in the hay

Just be careful because it gets a bit cold during the night

St. Gallenkappel -> Rapperswil (15km)

After a good breakfast we were ready for the last day of the hike

This was a short day of hike

We got rapperswil quite early

Then we got a train to Zurich, where we also spent some time before taking the bus back to Munich

Thanks to everyone we met on the way, and at the guesthouses, who were so friendly and welcoming

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