2022-04-15 - Münchner Jakobsweb Part 2 (Marktoberdorf -> Lindau)

It’s been only a few weeks since I’ve completed the first half of the way, and it was amazing! This way, I was really looking forward to do the second half of the Münchner Jakobsweg as soon as possible.

We have 2 days holiday for Easter in Germany, so it was the perfect oportunity to complete the jorney.

Lechbruck Füssen -> Marktoberdorf (12km)

Since it was the Good Friday holiday, it would be a bit complicated to go to Lechbruck via public transportation. So I took a train to Füssen, becauce on the way back it would be very easy to go to Marktoberdorf.

This way I actually skipped the first day of the hike.

It would be a 10km hike from Füssal to Neuschwainstein Castle. Then I would take a bus back to the city

It was a rainny week, so I was a bit worried about the weather, but luckly it didn’t rained at all

A nice view of the Alpsee

And from Neuschwainstein Castle

At this point I was almost ready to take the bus back to Füssen and then the train to Marktoberdorf.

However, I met a very nice girl with a spare ticket to visit the castle. We went for the tour, then we stopped for lunch. It was very nice, we could talk a lot.

She even gave me a ride back to Füssen, then I took the train to Marktoberdorf to finally start the Jorney again.

Marktoberdorf -> Kempten (33km)

This day I stayed at Pilgerquartier - Marktoberdorf

It was a nice place with a good Pilgrim atmosphere

Destination of the day: Kempten

Perfect place for a break

At this time I was still a bit worried about the weather, but as long it was not ranning, the cloudy weather was great

This was the destination of the day: Pfarrei St. Anton - Kempten

And this was my room. It was my first time staying overnight in a church, and the experience was very interesting. I just would like to say thanks for the hospitality.

Kempten -> Weitnau (28km)

I started the hiking early in the morning and from this point the weather was just getting better

Perfect place for a break

Stopping for a beer in Widdum - Weitnau

And this was the destination of the day: Gasthof Krone

In a room with a nice view

Weitnau -> Scheidegg (38km)

After the breakfast I was about to start the longest day of Münchener Jakobsweb

The weather was very nice

Making new friends along the way

All kind of friends

And after a long day this was the destination of the day: Pilgerzentrum Scheidegg

I was so done for the day that I didn’t remembered to take more pictures of the place, but it was very nice.

Scheidegg -> Bregenz (17km)

The original plan was to go to Lindau directly, but after some talk in the pilgerzentrum, I was convinced that the way to Bregenz would be even more beautiful

This way goes through Möggers Ulrichsbrunnen - Austria, a nice chapel with its famous medicinal water

The way goes through the woods in the border between Germany and Austria

With a nice view to the montains

It would be possible to go hiking all the way to Bregenz. However, I took the cable car in Pfänder

It cost 8,20 euro and the trip takes about 6 minutes. The view to the lake and the montains is amazing.

Once in Bregenz I put the last stamp on the pilgrim credential and went for lunch

After a while enjoying the city, I took a boat to Lindau to finally end the journey.

On the train back to Munich I was so gratefull for everything I have experienced. I’m already looking forward the next step in the Jakobsweb.

Thanks to all friendly and welcoming people I met on the way.

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